About Niche Innovations

Niche Innovations brings to you, a comprehensive range of automated solutions, for your home, shop and office, in the area of Security, Surveillance and Comfort.

NICHE allows you to create an intelligent environment to secure your home, office or shop, with a personal monitoring solution. NICHE uses the ZIGBEE Profile for its sensor networking, thus enabling you to stay connected, manage and define ANY SCENE on your phone, from any part of the world.

Our “first-of-its-kind” KITS are designed to suit customers from different walks of life and are tailored to be cost efficient.

It is probably the first, Plug-n-Play Automation System, readily available in a ready-to-install box.

Our kits include Camera, Wireless Motion Sensors , Wireless Contact Sensors, Wireless Home Appliance Detector, Wireless Multi Sensors, Switches, Wireless Panic Buttons and most importantly, “Embedded Switches” – A new concept in lighting, that retrofits behind your existing Switch Junction Box. As a result of which, “ you don’t have to change your existing switch”.

Why choose Us.

We introduce a new concept in lighting, that retrofits behind your existing Switch Junction Box. As a result of which, "you don’t have to change your existing switch".

Our Mission.

Our mission is to improve comfort, security and energy management solutions, with Futuristic Technology and Quality Products for your home, office or shop.

Our Team.

Our team comprises of Smart, Qualified Professionals, who have a burning passion to achieve great heights, alongwith compassion in their hearts, to constantly follow a humanistic approach to mankind.

Our Team

Pranav Sayta

Pranav Sayta

A career spanning 20 years in designing & developing new innovation, gadgets, development & innovations in security surveillance through mobile, video analytics & home automation. Working on making affordable sensor & solutions on developing processes in IoT for reducing energy consumption in street lighting

Roopesh Ojha

Roopesh Ojha

Experienced and action-oriented executive with significant business building and partnership development skills across businesses and consumer markets. A dedicated professional who constantly strives to achieve an outstanding customer experience.

Priyank Mehta

Priyank Mehta

A visionary, interactive, conversationalist. Has profound interest in both, engineering and marketing. Proficient in Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Product Roadmap, Branding & PR and Customer Project Execution.

Yash Joshi

Yash Joshi

A young and dynamic entrepreneur, who completes the ‘core team” , with his zest for new ideas and innovations.
Specialties: General Management & Business Development.

What our clients say

  • Customer Testimonails

    I installed the basic Home Kit in my house and found it very simple and easy to operate. The best part of it all was that the installation took minutes and it is entirely wireless. So I did not have to break any wall for wiring. The embedded switch was an amazing idea, which snuggled inside my existing switchboard, so I did not have to change anything. Its also affordable. Great people to work with, they understand your requirement and then propose the best solution

    Jyoti - Housewife Andheri, Mumbai
  • Customer Testimonails

    I have become their Distributor for Udaipur and must say that the product is good and the concept of selling HOME AUTOMATION in a KIT FORMAT, is so appealing and easy.

    Anil Bohra Sampat Udaipur
  • Customer Testimonails

    I installed the NICHE AUTOMATION SOLUTION"in my bungalow and factory. I must say that they are honest, efficient and transparent company. The systems work well and I can control and monitor my house and factory from any part of the world.

    Pritesh Shah Vadodara
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